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Gian Paolo Quarta was born in Vigevano (PV-Italy) in 1971. He graduated in electronic engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan with specialization in signals and electronic systems. Since 1995 Gian Paolo has dealt with hardware and software design of telecommunication devices for telemetry applications with restrictive environmental and energy requirements. Twenty years of experience gained in Low Power design has led to the creation of different solutions for the IoT world (Internet of Things) used in sectors such as Smart Building and Smart City. He is currently CEO of Onyax Srl (, an innovative startup in the IoT and Industry 4.0 world.


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Smart City and Smart Building Solutions

ONYAX Srl is an innovative startup founded in Vigevano (PV) at the end of 2017. The company's mission is to create devices, platforms and solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things) world. Since the first steps, the team has been engaged in a strong research and development activity, reaching the end of 2018 with the filing of the first patent referring to a water conductivity monitoring system. The solutions offered by Onyax are always characterized by devices that operate without external power supply (internal battery with a duration of over 10 years) and without SIM (using NB-IoT Narrow Band communication networks where possible), managed by easyUP !, an application for smartphones (Android or Apple) or through ACE, a web platform for controlling the IoT ecosystem. Thanks to the flexibility of the developed technology and the use of standard protocols and open to any type of integration, Onyax has responded to multiple needs in the Smart City market (with monitoring solutions for water, electricity, gas and district heating networks) and Smart Building (in photo the Blackbox device used for monitoring condominium boilers, air conditioning and refrigeration systems). It is therefore possible to control innumerable processes that have been managed only manually up to now, to respond to every request for telemetry and remote monitoring solutions and to make intelligent and able to communicate remotely every analog or digital sensor connected, even if traditional, in a simple way and economic. ONYAX creates devices and platforms for the IoT (Internet of Things) world, to make every traditional sensor intelligent in a simple, economical and easily integrated way in Smart City or Smart Building solutions.

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