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I was born near Florence in 1986 but since 2005 I'm based in Milan, where I obtained the Master of Science cum Laude in Computer Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano in 2011. I worked for a year and a half at Microsoft Italy, but in 2012 I decided to follow my passion for technology and innovation and started a PhD in Computer Science. My research activity was focused on new unconventional technologies and paradigms for ambient interaction, as well as voice commands, touch and touchless gestures, proxemic Interactions. In 2012, I won the "Health Awareness Award"​ at Microsoft Imagine Cup presenting FifthElement: the first platform that, using the potential of Kinect and Cloud computing, does therapy based on voice and gesture interaction that can be used in therapy centers, at home and at school thanks to remote support services. In 2014, I founded FifthIngenium with Antimo Musone, Daniele Midi and Domenico Letizia, where I'm CEO. The company is specialized on cloud solutions, NUI and interactive installations, rich web and mobile applications.


Speeches di Matteo Valoriani

The Future of Factory: Mixed Reality + Machine Learning

In the last years Mixed Reality devices and AI technology have opened the door to an infinite number of new disrupting opportunities, but it is not the only revolution underway. Thanks to the combination of new powerful cloud services, AI, Big Data and local computation capabilities, we can evolve the traditional industrial applications to enter in Industry 4.0 In this session we will showcase and describe the implementation of an industrial application that uses an offline AI Model ( ONNX ), trained online on cloud service but deployed locally on dedicated Microsoft Hololens device to work offline.

Lingua speech: Italian


Industry 4.0, Digital Fabrication, Startup, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Internet of Things, Data Visualization


Industry 4.0

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