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Hi, I'm Andrea Simonetta and I'm an IT enthusiast from I was young. I have a curious and creative personality, which bring me to want enrich my knowledge everyday and making my ideas real, in other words I like feel proactive. I began to discover this world when I was very young, studying how computer systems works, designing/soldering simple electronics circuits and discovering GNU/Linux distributions. When I was 15 I joined the software development world, starting firstly with shell scripting, a bit of C/C++, Java and web tecnologies. Later throught some companies experiences, I also experienced in using AR image recognition, geospatial 3D mapping and building from scratch full-stack MVC applications. I really love this work because in every experience I learnt a lot with keeping always an amazing interest. From 2 years I work on UI's development, making user interfaces from scratch by using cutting-edge tecnologies such Facebook's React, ReactiveX and functional reactive programming.


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Piattaforma Digitale Nazionale Dati (ex Daf) and notebooks: how public data can be searched, analysed and saved for public benefit

PDND (ex Daf) is the italian government big data platform ( for searching and analysing public data. We have integrated a set of API from PDND into the open source project nteract ( for simplifying the user experience of data scientist in the process of searching and analysing data. We will provide a live session for presenting both nteract and PDND API and a real use case of how a predictive analyses has been used to monitor and estimate the migration process of ANPR. (Anagrafica Nazionale Popolazione Residente).

Lingua speech: Italian


Predictive analysis, Open data, Education, Data Visualization



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