Alessio De Angelis

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I am a Computer Science Engineer graduated at Roma Tre University. I am currently working as a Consultant in the Big Data Competence Centre at Whitehall Reply, the company of Reply group focusing on the Public Administration industry. I am passionate about Graph Databases applications and use cases, ranging from recommendation systems to fraud analysis. I am an Apache Spark and Neo4j Certificated Developer. Neo4j Community cited me as the week featured member for my tutorial on how to use a graph database for finding the shortest weighted path with constraints on nodes.


Speeches di Alessio De Angelis

Fighting online gambling frauds with graph analysis

Nowadays, online gambling is one of the most lucrative industries on the internet, making it easily exposed to several types of frauds. While no fraud prevention measures can ever be perfect, significant room for enhancing traditional systems lies in looking beyond the single data points, to the connections linking them. During the speech we will present the graph analysis platform for fraud detection in the online gambling industry we built for our customer, from the module for loading the data as a knowledge graph to the data visualization unit, from the technologies to the algorithms applied.

Lingua speech: Italian


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Data Visualization


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