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Christian Racca is a Design Engineer at TOP-IX where he leads the project named BIG DIVE, a training initiative aimed a teaching the skills you need to become a Data Scientist (7 episodes since 2012 - He is always in the middle between design and technology, business and non-profit, creativity and perseverance. Co-author of the book "Creating Value with the BIG DATA", President of the Cultural Association PLUG, Co-founder of Print Club Torino, Co-founder of Data Beers Torino, Emma's dad.


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“Trust” in the (Big) Data era

Today we need less than a year to double the amount of data produced since the beginning of the digital humanity, and Data Availability is just one of the driver behind the Data Hype: new tools, skills and culture play a key role in the Data Revolution. Thanks to Data we "disrupted" many sectors, nevertheless the dream of an evidence-based policy and decision making seems to be far from being realized. We can observe it in the contemporary politic facts and in the Smart Cities "Holy Grail" search. The talk will address one of the crucial open challenge in the data exploitation: "The Trust".

Lingua speech: Italian


Predictive analysis, Government, Etica dei dati e privacy, Digital Humanities, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence



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