Azzurra Ragone

Independent consultant

As Innovation Manager, I love to transform enterprises and bring them to the future. Former research fellow in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for several years, I started investigating these topics in 2004, when they were not yet buzz words. I worked as a researcher manager for several years at the Polytechnic of Bari, the University of Trento, the University of Michigan (USA) and the University of Milan Bicocca. I worked at Exprivia S.p.A as a Project Manager and Business Intelligence consultant for various Italian companies (Generali, Eni, Telecom). For the last two years, I worked for Google as a Program Manager.


Speeches di Azzurra Ragone

Don’t blindly trust your ML system, it may change your life

Nowadays, people tend to blindly trust results of ML systems without understanding how they are generated. However, when ML systems are used to allocate or withhold resources, opportunities or information we must demand Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT*). As ML practitioners, it is our duty to be sure that we train fair ML systems, both in term of data, models, and tools that do not perpetuate bias and discrimination, as these systems directly impact individuals taking life-changing decisions and influence our lives now more than ever. The lesson here is that the human input is still needed: we can’t fully replace people yet, and nor should we.

Lingua speech: Italian


Etica dei dati e privacy, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence



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